Studies on Form using Handwoven Textiles

Despite my busy schedule I managed to squeeze in this little project commissioned to me by Director Celia Elumba of the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI). I was asked to create seven miniature dresses on miniature dress forms that will be given as tokens to the guest speakers of TELA Nation Conference. When I learned that I will be using handwoven cloth I agreed to take on the project without second thoughts.

Finally, I get to work with some of PTRI’s collection of handwoven fabrics. These are all experimental textiles, if I am not mistaken. And they are fabulous!

I worked with natural fibers and some blends. Cotton, silk, banana, pineapple and abaca where just some of the fibers used. I particularly loved the openweaves and double weaves that created layers of unusual textures. Looking at them up close and touching them gave me so much inspiration.

PTRI _Mini0
Experimental fabrics from PTRI.

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Di-Matinag: One Step Forward

During my flight on the way to Japan last October 7, I wrote a litany of thank yous to every person and institution that supported an idea first sketched on paper. Now, I finally find time to post it.

Truth of the matter is, no matter how brilliant an idea may be, it all boils down to execution. Often this part has always caused me a tremendous amount of frustration. However, the timing and the support of a various people had been ideal. These sparked a fire that lit a path that was once too dark to walk through.

After almost three months of hard work I finally realized the idea that was just a vision in my head. It has gone through many revisions and has evolved from a mere concept to an actually wearable ensemble that finally walked the runway in Sugino Hall in Tokyo last October 10, 2015.

This is how it looked:


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I’m a finalist in the 53rd Japan Fashion Design Contest!

(I wrote this entry last July 18, 2015)

It’s been 18 days since I submitted my entry for this year’s Japan Fashion Design Contest. I finally nailed it this year and made it to the list of top 40 finalists who will compete on October 10 in Tokyo, Japan.

Taken from
Image borrowed from the contest’s official website.

Last July 15 I checked updates in the contest website. I was really surprised to see my name in the list (and how the organizers really did give the announcement exactly mid July). I was still in doubt of course, but because I was more excited, I shared the news to everyone I knew on Facebook. It was only this morning that I received an email notification informing me that I will move on to the 2nd round.

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