A Weekend with Filipina Embroiderers at Patis Tito’s Embroidery Exchange

It was time for another getaway and just a couple of days after our Natural Dyeing Seminar/Workshop at PTRI, we travelled to San Pablo, Laguna to join in the festivities at Patis Tito Garden Cafe where they had the so-called “Embroidery Exchange.” Patis Tesoro thought of having this event in her cafe after visiting the embroiderers last December 2015.


As mentioned in Patis Tito’s Facebook page, this embroidery exchange is the first ever collaborative encounter between the Tinggians of Namarabar, Peñarrubia, Abra and the embroiderers of Lumban, Laguna. This was held last February 20 and 21, 2016. I saw this as an opportunity to personally interact with the embroideries to see and experience their work.

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Basket Weaving: Project Jellyfish with Ueno Masao (FITE: Part 2 of 6)

The first workshop offered by The International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles or FITE was facilitated by Ueno Masao, a Japanese artist who creates bamboo sculptures through weaving.

Mr. Ueno Masao with his artwork entitled Dragon Ball showcased at Lecoq Park Clermont-Ferrand France in September 2012 Photo borrowed from the Facebook page of International Festival of Extra Ordinary Textiles (FITE) in Manila

When I attended the 2-day session, I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I was a last-minute participant during the first day and when I arrived I was handed a strip of circular bamboo to work on. Continue reading