Jean and Jaddstudio
Hi, I’m Jean Avellanosa-Dee, a practicing designer, entrepreneur and educator whose interests lie in the various interfaces of culture, design and entrepreneurship.

I’m using this space I call JADDSTUDIO as a way to document my discoveries as I continue my identity soul-searching through weaving and design. With it I also hope to discover and build an environment where Philippine culture, design and entrepreneurship harmoniously thrive. I believe the success of this idea will rely on the combined minds and hearts of dedicated people responsible for interlacing experiences and expertise to form a new material that will help us design a new world where positive impacts are easily made possible.

But until that happens, I’ll take the journey one step at a time while recording everything I learn and every insight worth noting. I’ll be travelling to our roots to solve issues in our present while looking forward to a more beautiful and meaningful future.

Previous Engagements

I wholeheartedly shared my time and passion for learning to De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde as the head of the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program. I will always love learning with energetic and aspiring designers. CSB is also my beloved alma mater where I was a scholar.

I briefly worked at Green Sun as the Head of Events and Retail during its start-up where I met some of the coolest people in the fashion and entertainment industry.

But my humble beginnings sprouted from my first venture focused on bridal wear. I personalized and hand-crafted designs for soon-to-weds for more than 6 years under the brand I fondly called Unbridaled.

As to why I chose fashion as a career, I only have Anime, Manga and cosplay to thank. Hahaha..

Current Engagements

I am back to designing again, with special focus on textiles and fashion products using natural textiles and dyes. I design weaves, prints and apparel from inspiring everyday pieces to the experimental, radical and complex.

On the side, I work as a consultant and partner to several clothing, accessories, art and culture-related ventures. I am also taking part in honing the technical and design skills of aspiring designers in iAcademy.

And since learning is a lifelong pursuit, I continue to dedicate my time studying more about designing textiles and apparel through art and design projects. I hope to publish a book on design soon, finish my graduate thesis in Entrepreneurship in De La Salle University Manila, and build a non-profit organization dedicated to Philippine Textile Designs.


If you wish to contact me, just leave a message using this form.

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