Di-Matinag: One Step Forward

During my flight on the way to Japan last October 7, I wrote a litany of thank yous to every person and institution that supported an idea first sketched on paper. Now, I finally find time to post it.

Truth of the matter is, no matter how brilliant an idea may be, it all boils down to execution. Often this part has always caused me a tremendous amount of frustration. However, the timing and the support of a various people had been ideal. These sparked a fire that lit a path that was once too dark to walk through.

After almost three months of hard work I finally realized the idea that was just a vision in my head. It has gone through many revisions and has evolved from a mere concept to an actually wearable ensemble that finally walked the runway in Sugino Hall in Tokyo last October 10, 2015.

This is how it looked:



dimatinag1dimatinag1 dimatinag1

Looking back, I cannot believe how we had so little time to develop this ensemble. But the experience of going through the entire design process, from developing the fabric to producing the final pieces, was truly unforgettable. I can finally say to myself that I designed textile, and this is my probably my greatest achievement for 2015.

Again this would not have been possible if the I hadn’t worked along side various institutions and individuals. Here is the list of institutions and people who made this dream project a reality.

Philippine Textile Research Institute:

  • Director Celia Elumba
  • Engr. May Rico
  • Angel Uldo
  • Evangeline Manalang
  • Jeannie Cabansag

Finishing Department

  • Engr. Adela H. Montalvo
  • Engr. Thelma Sipin

Weaving Center

  • Engr. Henry R. Listano
  • Engr. Danny Lavin
  • Josefa Garlitos (Master Weaver)
  • Teresita Valencia (Master Weaver)

National Commission for Culture and the Arts:

  • Director Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.
  • Marichu Tellano
  • Elizabeth Cabaya

Officers of the Long Se Dee Association

Cecilio Abad Couture:

  • Cecilio Abad
  • Lucena Abad
  • Jenoden Hardin

Glenn Hernandez and Jamille Co of Millenx

Arlyne Tumbokon of La Herminia Weaving
Thomas Dalby of Asia Palm Fibers

Patis Tesoro
Nina Tesoro-Poblador
Dr. Norma Respicio
Dr. Vincent Tan
Tim Dacanay
Virmila Alvarez
My husband, John Dee
My dad, Jun Avellanosa
Elmer Apolinario
Evelyn Garejo
Charlene Laudit
Mark Legurpa
Santi Obcena
Ziggy Savella
JM Rosario
Mito Tubilleja
Oman Santos

And also to the following, even if the conditions were not in our favor:
Kathleen Valle of The Japan Foundation, Manila
Tracy Dizon of Tiara
Tal de Guzman of Risque Designs
Maco Custodio

My sincerest thanks go to all of you for you have shared your time, knowledge and wisdom on textiles and fashion. This project wouldn’t have been possible without your unwavering passion and dedication to the work we do.

My journey has commenced. Despite all uncertainties and challenges we shall remain resilient, hoping and working towards the day when our weaving and cultural traditions will once again flourish.


Official event photos courtesy of Sugino Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan.

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